Backstage News On Gable Steveson’s WWE Status During WrestleMania Weekend

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Backstage News On Gable Steveson’s WWE Status During WrestleMania Weekend :-  Disputed opinions It has been claimed that Gable Steveson, a former wrestler for the University of Minnesota Gophers and winner of an Olympic gold medal, is now in Philadelphia for the WrestleMania 40 event. Additionally, Steveson, who had previously been doing dark matches during “WWE SmackDown” tapings, was brought in by WWE for the weekend, as reported by PWInsider Elite. The last time Steveson wrestled in front of a live audience for WWE was in February. The question of whether Steveson is scheduled to appear in any capacity on any of the two nights of WrestleMania or the “WWE NXT” Stand & Deliver has not been answered. Despite the fact that there were rumors that he may make an appearance at the Royal Rumble in January, that did not prove to be the case.

Backstage News On Gable Steveson’s WWE Status During WrestleMania Weekend


It was in July that Steveson made his debut on “NXT” in a show that pitted him against Baron Corbin. The two competitors competed against one another at the premium live event known as Great American Bash; however, the match was decided by a double count-out, and Steveson has not been seen on “NXT” since then. However, he continued to play on house concerts after being mysteriously removed from the “NXT” roster in September of last year. A few time before the 2023 Senior World Championships, he decided to withdraw from the competition.

It was stated at the beginning of the year that the gold medalist and two-time NCAA heavyweight champion would not be returning to the Gophers for the season. The reason for this was that WWE desired that he concentrate completely on his professional wrestling career. In September of 2021, Steveson became a member of the WWE roster.His contract was the first NCAA NIL (or names, image, likeness) arrangement that the corporation had ever entered into. Despite the fact that he was detained in 2019 on suspicion of engaging in criminal sexual misconduct, no charges were made against him because there was insufficient evidence.


The 12 Best Women’s Tag Teams In WWE History

Women’s tag team wrestling has also risen in popularity within the confines of the WWE as the influence of women’s wrestling has expanded throughout the organization. For more than three decades, WWE did not maintain a tag team championship because the Women’s and Divas divisions did not have the depth to warrant such a championship.

The first set of women’s tag team titles was in existence for a period of six years, beginning in 1983 and ending in 1989. During that time, four different teams held the titles for a total of five distinct reigns. Early in 1989, the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) decided to remove the titles since the division frequently lacked sufficient teams to be truly competitive.

In the industry leader, women’s tag team titles would not be seen again until the beginning of 2019, marking the end of a thirty-year sabbatical for the women’s tag team division.Initially, the WWE had a difficult time putting together tag teams that were successful, and under Vince McMahon’s creative control, they made a half-hearted attempt to combine women in a manner that was practically random.

While some couples would be able to make it through, others would either fail to make it through or end up in a conflict that was unavoidable. Despite the fact that the company’s desire in continuing the division was called into question as a result of Sasha Banks and Naomi’s alleged walkout as the current title holders, women’s tag team wrestling is once again on the right track thanks to Triple H’s creative guidance. However, despite the fact that the division is relatively short, the corporation has still managed to put together a sufficient number of memorable teams during the course of its history.


Divas of Doom

During the time before tag team championships, Natalya and Beth Phoenix, who are collectively referred to as the Divas of Doom, were born. It was always logical to form the partnership. In addition to having a similar appearance, both of these women are physically intimidating technical wrestlers. They also have the versatility to perform in either a babyface or heel role, provided that they are booked and directed appropriately.


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As a result of the breakup of Natalya’s Hart Dynasty stable, the tag team was formed. In order to level the playing field against LayCool, Natalya recruited Beth Phoenix to be a member of her tag team as she was engaged in a feud with Layla and Michelle McCool simultaneously.

The first partnership between the two individuals was only temporary; however, they would eventually come back together as a heel tag team with the intention of eliminating the company of ladies who fit the “WWE Diva” archetype. Following Phoenix’s departure from the company, the two of them worked together for an entire calendar year before breaking up.

However, they got back together seven years later for a bout at WrestleMania 35. It is possible that the Divas of Doom have not yet reached their full potential, despite the fact that they have not yet been able to capture the women’s tag team championship. Beth Phoenix does continue to wrestle on occasion. Both women, on the other hand, were able to win the Divas Championship on one occasion each while they were working together.

The Glamour Girls

During the time period of Rock n’ Wrestling, Judy Martin and Leilani Kai, two women’s wrestlers who possessed an extraordinary amount of talent, formed The Glamour Girls, which is widely considered to be the most magnificent women’s tag team of the 20th century.

Although Martin and Kai did not make their debut in the World Wrestling Federation until 1985, their history of working together can be dated back to 1979. “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart, a well-known manager, showed interest in the tag team and offered his assistance whenever it was needed.

In an interview that Kai gave to RFVideo, she claimed that Hart had approached her and Martin at the hotel pool one day and suggested that they modify their appearance by dying their hair white, wearing gold and black clothing, and changing their appearance to be more in line with the current fashion. In addition, he became their manager, which provided the team with instant credibility during a time when women typically expressed their admiration for male wrestlers.

Over the course of the 1980s, The Glamour Girls, along with their fierce competitors the Jumping Bomb Angels, were instrumental in raising the bar for women’s wrestling. Their career in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) ended with them becoming the first women’s tag team champions to win the title twice during the belt’s initial existence, which lasted from 1983 to 1989.

They had a series of matches exclusively with the Angels during the year 1988. On the other hand, after Martin and Kai won the titles for the second time, they would not remain with the WWF for any longer than they were.

If Kai’s shoot interview is to be believed, the Fabulous Moolah, who was the owner of the rights to the women’s titles that the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) utilized at that time period, had not yet sold McMahon her tag team championship.

An unlawful title change was called in by Moolah during the time that The Glamour Girls were traveling throughout All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling in order to compete against the Angels on their home soil. Upon the return of The Glamour Girls to the United States, Kai stated that the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) terminated their employment due to their collaboration with Moolah and discreetly abandoned the women’s tag team division.

The IIconics

The IIconics, who were most recently known as The IInspiration in Impact Wrestling, have a number of things working in their favor. The two individuals from Down Under, who were originally known as Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, have an appearance that is reminiscent of a traditional tag team.

Both of the women are dressed in same attire, have a similar appearance, and even have a synchronized sequence of steps when they enter the ring. They are even able to finish each other’s sentences on their own. This is owing, in part, to the fact that they have been associated with one another for a very long time.

Both members of the tag team went to high school together at Westfields Sports in Sydney, Australia. Although they did not interact much with one another, they developed a close relationship via their work with independent Australian wrestling organizations before joining WWE.

Although they were first known in NXT as The Iconic Duo, Royce and Kay rapidly became a mainstay on the program. They even competed as singles stars on occasion. At one point, they were a part of a fatal four-way match at NXT Takeover: San Antonio, which was a match in which they were vying for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that there were no NXT women’s tag team titles at the time, they continued to work together on a regular basis. The two individuals finally had the chance to win gold on “SmackDown” after being rebranded as The IIconics on the main roster.

This opportunity eventually presented themselves. The only thing that changed about the pair was the name, and after that, Kay and Royce went on to become the second-ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, reigning for a total of 120 days.After suffering a defeat at the hands of The Riott Squad on Raw in the year 2020, the IIconics were “forced to disband” in an unceremonious manner. They were then transferred to separate brands in the WWE Draft the same year before being continued in their endeavors.

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross

In spite of the fact that they appear to be complete opposites on the surface, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross held the titles of WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions for two consecutive years before Bliss turned against Cross in order to initiate her relationship with The Fiend.

Through working together, the two women discovered that they have a great deal more in common than the fact that they were two of the shortest women on the roster (both of them being 5 feet 1 inch tall). They were able to successfully combine their styles in the ring. Furthermore, their personalities were complementary to one another, while also complementing any other team in the division.

I saw a lot of myself in Nikki,” Bliss said in an interview with Inside the Ropes conducted in 2019. “When I initially arrived at NXT, I was kind of by myself, and I observed that she was by herself. As a result, we began chatting to each other, started becoming friends, and eventually formed a partnership.

We are officially the champs, and this has been a lot of fun the whole time. In all honesty, there is not much of a tale to it. It was just that we started hanging out together, and we quickly became friends and champs. Cross was also able to discover her voice on the main roster with the assistance of the pairing.

Immediately following Bliss’s betrayal of Cross, the WWE rebranded her as Nikki A.S.H., which is an abbreviation for “Almost a Super Hero.”While under this alias, Cross was able to win the Raw women’s championship. Since then, she has adopted the role of a heel and has formed a team with Doudrop, another Scot.As a result of her transformation into Nikki A.S.H., she also participated in a third reign as the champion of the women’s tag team alongside Rhea Ripley.


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