Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $10 Million USD: 6 More Worth Over $150,000

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Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $10 Million USD: 6 More Worth Over $150,000: There are a lot of unexpected wonders and hidden gems in the world of coin collecting, and the Bicentennial Quarter is one of them. Most quarters are only worth their face value of 25 cents, but there are some that are so rare that they fetch huge amounts of money.


Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $10 Million USD: 6 More Worth Over $150,000

Bicentennial Quarters, especially very rare versions, can sell for huge amounts of money. This article talks about the most sought-after Bicentennial Quarters, including one that is worth almost $10 million and six others that are worth more than $150,000.


The $10 Million Bicentennial Quarter

RARE Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $10 Million USD : 3 More Worth Over  $500,000 - 5. Nomi Sushi

A Bicentennial Quarter, which is worth almost $10 million, is the most valuable coin in the world.

This quarter was made in 1976 to honor America’s 200th birthday. It stands out because it has a very rare minting error and is in perfect shape.

It is worth a lot because it is rare and has a drummer boy on the back. It is made of 40% silver instead of the usual copper-nickel coated.

It has great historical value and is in perfect shape, making it a collectors’ holy grail.


The Double Die Obverse Quarter

USA 1934 Doubled Die Obverse Washington Quarter; Nice Original VG | MA-Shops

The Double Die Obverse Bicentennial Quarter is worth more than $150,000. It was made with a mistake during production, so the image is stamped twice, slightly off-center.


Because of this strange thing, the date and other things on the front of the coin are doubled.

Collectors love these quarters because they are one of a kind and have a mistake that makes each one special.


The Off-Center Strike Quarter

1983 Off-Center Strike Washington Quarter | Coin Talk

A Bicentennial Quarter with an Off-Center Strike can sell for more than $200,000.


This mistake happens when the coin blank is not lined up correctly with the dies during striking, making the image not center.

The value of these quarters goes up with how badly they are misaligned, with those that are very far off-center being the most valuable.


The Overstruck Quarter

1984 "P" US Quarter Washington Error "Overstruck date”+ Grease Struck  Observe

The overstruck quarter is when a Bicentennial Quarter is struck over another coin, like a dime. This doesn’t happen very often when coins are being made.


Because of these strange mistakes, the coins have a mix of patterns and are very popular with coin collectors.

These quarters can sell for more than $250,000, depending on how clear the overstrike is and what coin it is based on.


The Silver Proof Bicentennial Quarter

1976-S 25C Silver (Proof) Washington Quarter - PCGS CoinFacts

Silver Proof Bicentennial Quarters are limited versions made just for coin collectors.


These quarters are different from regular ones because they are struck in a special way that makes them look like mirrors. They are also made of 40% silver.

Perfect coins, especially those rated highly by coin grading services, can be worth more than $150,000. They are not as rare as error coins.


The Full Drum Lines Quarter

Unveiling the Rarity: Bicentennial Quarters Fetching Thousands - Gars  Interchange Maps

It is rare to find a Bicentennial Quarter with full drum lines on the back. Most of the time, the drummer boy’s drum’s lines are worn down or not fully hit.


Quarters that have these lines clearly outlined and on the whole are very rare and can sell for over $175,000, especially if they have never been used.


The No S Proof Quarter

2019 S River Of No Return Quarter Proof Coin Value Prices, Photos & Info

The ‘No S’ Proof Bicentennial Quarter is a collector’s dream because it doesn’t have the ‘S’ mint mark from the San Francisco Mint.


These are very rare because they were made without the mint mark by mistake. A “No S” Proof that is in perfect shape can be worth more than $200,000.



The Bicentennial Quarter, which represents American history and tradition, can be seen in many more ways than what it appears to be. Some of these coins are worth more than $150,000 and are so rare that they are worth $10 million. They are not only money, but also pieces of history.

To people who are interested in coins, they are valuable because they are hard to find, in good shape, and hold stories. Whether you’re an experienced collector or just interested in coins, these rare quarters are hard to resist.

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