10 Best TV Shows Created by Tyler Perry, Ranked


Following its protagonists through marital and relationship ups and downs, For Better or Worse analyzes modern relationships with humor and poignancy. This dramedy spin-off of Perry's Why Did I Get Married follows Marcus (Michael Jai White) and Angela Williams (Tasha Williams) as they battle in their marriages.

For Better or Worse 

In Ruthless, Perry depicts cults and their escapees in a captivating way. This series follows Melissa L. Williams' Ruth, a teenage member of “The Rakudushis,” a dangerous cult led by a seductive and deceptive leader.


Perry's political drama The Oval premiered on BET in October 2019. President Hunter Fanklin (Ed Quinn), First Lady Victoria (Kron Moore), and their chaotic family are the show's protagonists. Inside the White House, The Oval shows lies, secrets, treachery, and power struggles.

The Oval  

Sistas follows four main characters: Andi Barnes (KJ Smith), Karen Hott (Ebony Obsidian), Danni King (Mignon Von), and Sabrina Hollins (Novi Brown), who are sisters despite their modern struggles.


The excellent ensemble of Meet the Browns makes it the perfect family show with plenty of humor and profound moments. Cora Simons (Tamela Mann), a single mother, works as a nurse in Mr. Brown's enormous, chaotic mansion. 

Meet the Browns 

The popular Tyler Perry program depicts the Paynes, a multi-generational African-American family in Atlanta, Georgia. Their busy home is full of funny circumstances and intriguing personalities. 

House of Payne 

Love Thy Neighbor explores the connections, tensions, and comedies of a diner's diverse patrons. It focuses on Mama Hattie (Patrice Lovely), a fiery restaurant owner with her daughter Linda (Kendra C. Johnson). 

Love Thy Neighbor 

The soap opera If Loving You Is Wrong follows a group of friends and neighbors on the same street as they deal with adultery, love, and friendship. The show takes place in a fictional Maxine town, and it becomes clear that many of its people have secrets and relationship troubles.

If Loving You Is Wrong 

In Assisted Living, Chicago's small-time hustler Jeremy (Na'im Lynn) attempts a failed robbery. He hides in the Brown Meadows retirement home as an elderly woman to avoid the cops. He engages with elderly residents and workers, creating comical situations.

Tyler Perry's Assisted Living  

The Tyler Perry series follows the Cryers and Young Family for eight seasons. Their complicated relationship involves secrets, deceit, and power struggles. The Haves and Have Nots' dramatic turns, suspense, and moral issues can complicate plotlines. 

The Haves and the Have Nots 

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