5 Bicentennial Quarter: Valued at over $90 million

The 1975–1976 Bicentennial Quarter is numismatically stunning. Bicentennial Quarters are mostly cash, but some are worth approximately $90 million. We examine the fascinating world of these quarters, including their high value and unique characteristics.

Historical Significance

US Bicentennial Quarter marked Declaration of Independence 200th anniversary. Historical significance determines its value. In place of George Washington, the Bicentennial Quarter has a colonial drummer and a triumph torch with 13 stars, honouring the original colonies.


Coin value relies on rarity. Rare Bicentennial Quarters with mint flaws or limited mintage are valuable. Quarters with multiple die errors or off-center hits are rare. Coin condition matters. Authentic, uncirculated coins graded by reputable agencies can fetch extravagant prices.

Metals of value

Some Bicentennial Quarters had 40% silver, unlike copper-nickel. Scarce silver quarters. Their value rose due to rare collector sets. Coin value rises with silver's inherent value and collectibility. Collectors and investors respect silver quarters for their precious metal and historical and numismatic significance.

Collector Demand and Market Trends

Market demand determines the value of anything, including coins. Collectors love Bicentennial Quarters for its history and beauty. Under high demand, these quarters might appreciate dramatically. Demand for these rare coins may soar as more people learn about them.

Notable Auction Sales

Auctions of Bicentennial Quarters set records. These high-profile trades may include rare mint defects or high-grade coins. A Bicentennial Quarter with a unique minting flaw or near-perfect condition might fetch a high price. These impressive sales boost the coin's value and collector appeal.

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