7 Rules People With Healthy Dating Habits

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Singles have bad news: Pew Research found that dating rules and behaviors have altered in a way that makes dating harder. Despite the unexplored playing field, some dating rules still apply.  

One dating "do" that persists is that males should initiate. However, many women offer to pay on dates. Guys, hear that? If you invite us to supper, we may pay. We see a win-win.  

He asks, she pays

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To determine chemistry with your date. Male and female daters believe that 25 minutes is enough to decide. Worried your next date will leave if he's not interested? Don't—Match.com reported only 12% of singles left before the night ended.  

All it takes is 25 minutes, or less

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Feeling bored with what's his name? Tell him. We agree with most singles that respectfully telling your date you're not interested is best. Dishonesty benefits neither side, and you never know when you'll see them again. Manners matter.  

Honesty is (still) the best policy

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Later than your first date. Holding out on your date creates mystery, and if they can do it all in one night, they won't want round two. Not following this rule could hurt your dating chances.  

Don't go all the way

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When is the question. Men and women usually follow up within 24 hours of a first date, or "play it cool" and wait 48 hours.  

It's OK to follow-up

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You can follow up on a date in a lot of different ways these days, such as by text, email, instant chat, and more. That being said, it is better to talk on the phon  

Classic communication is best

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All singles have social media issues. Wait until the relationship is exclusive or request a buddy after 2-3 dates. Although "People who wait to friend their dates for about a month have the highest rate of relationship success," this may help you control your add-friend finger early on.  

Yes, you can follow your date on social medi

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Listening and understanding others helps improve relationships. If you disagree with someone or offer good advice, it's easy to interrupt. However, actively listening to someone as they speak can improve relationship communication and reduce disputes.   


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