7 Salad for Losing Weight

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These salads are full of healthy nutrients that will help you reach (and keep!) your weight goals. You could add your favorite lean meat, like chicken breast or salmon, for extra energy.  

This salad's tasty base is made up of whole-wheat croutons and fresh lettuce. This recipe is finished off with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, and cubed cold turkey, which is a lean protein.  

Turkey BLT Salad 

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Let's be honest: A fried Caesar is the best! We use a delicious vinaigrette instead of a standard high-calorie dressing and add sun-dried tomatoes and olives to our recipe to make this classic dish even better.   

Grilled Caesar Salad 

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This salad is a tasty and healthy way to start the day. This recipe has calamari, peanuts, watercress (or baby arugula), cucumbers, and watercress. It also has red onion and cucumbers.  

Spicy Grilled Calamari Salad 

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Love goat cheese? This cool pear salad with goat cheese crackers will make your love grow even stronger. You have fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts for crunch, and everything else you need in a salad that will help you lose weight!  

Warm Goat Cheese Salad 

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The chicken in this salad gives it a lot of energy. This meal is packed with healthy fats, fresh vegetables, and nuts to help you reach your weight loss goals.  

Grilled Chicken and Avocado Salad 

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This grilled Mexican beef salad is popular for good reason. You'll make this meal again and again due to the leaner meat, fresh veggies, and healthy fat from the avocado.  

Grilled Mexican Steak Salad 

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Making a big batch of this spicy curry chicken salad is great for meal prep. Curry powder, sliced onion, celery, and golden raisins complete the flavor profile. Eat this chicken salad on lettuce instead of a sandwich to save calories.  

Chicken Salad Sandwich With Raisins and Curry Powder 

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Your healthy eating and weight loss journey doesn't have to be bland. Let these 10 weight-loss salad recipes encourage you to eat well and enjoy your food.These dishes are high in natural protein and fiber to keep you full and invigorated.  


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