7 Ulcerative Colitis People to Sleep Better 

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Ulcerative colitis (UC) affects your digestive system, but it can also influence your sleep.People with UC and other IBD slept 4.5 hours each night on average, according to a 2017 study.  

Depending on your symptoms or irritated intestine side, some sleep postures may increase UC flares.Sleeping on your side or back may help if you're in pain. Keeping a sleep journal including your symptoms and sleep position will help you track what works.  

Try different sleep positions 

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UC medicines like corticosteroidsTrusted Source may impair sleep.If your UC medicine is impacting your sleep, discuss one of these choices with your doctor.  

Consider your medications 

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Manage insomnia or other sleep issues with help. A doctor may recommend lifestyle changes and drugs to treat UC and improve sleep.  

Talk with a healthcare professional 

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A 2021 study using 2003–2018 American Time Use Survey data indicated that eating within an hour of bed may influence sleep quality.  

Eat an early dinner 

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Research has linked UC to mental health issues that affect sleep.Poor sleep quality was linked to depression in 47 UC patients in 2018. UC anxiety might cause sleep issues.  

Treat your mental health 

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Meditation may enhance sleep and other advantages. A 2018 meta-analysisMindfulness meditation may improve certain sleep difficulties, says Trusted Source.  


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Sleep hygiene, or consistent sleeping practices, might improve sleep.Try these practices from the CDCTrusted Source.  

Practice good sleeping habits 

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Living with UC can cause physical and mental problems that make sleeping difficult.Fortunately, many methods can improve sleep. These include medication changes, sleep hygiene, and heating pads.  


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