7 Ways to Increase Your Running Stamina 

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Running farther and faster are frequent training goals for all fitness levels, from elite marathon runners to 5K beginners.  

Even if you're ready to increase your distance or speed, go easy and train incrementally. Those beginning to running regularly may find this especially true.  

Start slow and tackle small step

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You should include resistance training in your jogging routine.A National Strength and Conditioning Association literature review found that strength training 2–3 days a week improves running economy.  

Add strength training

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Consistent training builds running stamina.Harrison says training must increase from less total and less intensive to more total and more intense.  

Commit to training

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Stonehouse recommends limiting recovery time between intervals and increasing interval intensity in addition to running more kilometers per week. Both boost stamina.  

Alter rest times and interval

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Sprint interval training boosts stamina and speed in several sports like running.A 2017 studyTrusted Source showed that six sprint interval training sessions increased endurance and anaerobic running ability in trained runners.  

Sprint interval training

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Stonehouse recommends intervals that match your race distance.For marathon training, “speed work” may be mile repeats. If training for a 1,600-meter or 1-mile event, speed practice may be 100-, 200-, or 400-meter repeats.  

Train for your distance

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Beginners should gradually improve mileage and strength with resistance training. Following a training plan helps beginners increase stamina and endurance while lowering injury risk.  

Slowly increase weekly mileage

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Remember that improving your running stamina takes time.Start by showing up, following a plan, and training consistently.The aforementioned strategies and techniques can help you run faster, perform better, and endure longer when you're ready to improve.  


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