7 Yoga Stretches to Help in Your Recovery from Sick 

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An illness checklist can include tissues, cough medication, and a thermometer.But what about a yoga mat?Stretching may not seem like a strategy to treat cold and flu symptoms, but yoga positions can help with nasal congestion and digestion.  

Child's Pose can be soothing even when you're not unwell.This easy posture may relieve nausea as well as relax.  

Supported Child’s Pose 

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This easy inversion reverses brain blood flow. This is meant to promote circulation, minimize leg and foot edema, and reduce tension.  

Legs up the wall 

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There's no worse pain than chest congestion from a cold. Sometimes it seems like nothing can loosen the mucus in your lungs!  

Modified Camel Pose 

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Cobra Pose, like Camel Pose, widens the chest for deeper breaths.Deep breathing may reduce pain and chest congestion.  

Cobra Pose 

Lined Circle


Downward-Facing Dog accomplishes everything! An inversion, this classic pose helps relieve head pressure and support nasal blood flow while extending your hamstrings, calves, and Achilles tendons.  

Downward-Facing Dog 

Lined Circle


Rag Doll Pose lets your body hang limp, relieving headaches.Any pose that relaxes your shoulders, neck, and upper back, like Rag Doll Pose, may help relieve headaches, said Young.  

Rag Doll Pose 

Lined Circle


If your condition includes diarrhea, try a shoulder stand or simple plow stance.Inverting your digestive system reduces pressure and slows digestion.  

Shoulder Stand or Plow Pose 

Lined Circle


If you want to get better quickly after being sick, some light yoga poses can help.You'll probably feel stable, strong, and refreshed when you leave your mat, no matter what.  


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