8 foods High in Potassium 

Roasting enhances its slightly sweet taste. Largeman-Roth suggests cutting it in half, scooping out the seeds, slicing it into rings, and roasting it with salt, pepper, and brown sugar.  

Acorn Squash

While fresh tomatoes are a good source of potassium, more concentrated tomato products like tomato paste or sauce will provide you with even more nutritional value.  

Sun-Dried Tomatoe

Plant-based protein and satisfying fiber make beans a healthy food choice. USDA says kidney beans are optimal, with 713 mg of potassium per cup.   


On the USDA's potassium list, a small kiwifruit has 215 mg, nearly as much as a banana. Oranges and cantaloupe, including its juice, should also be on your shopping list.  


Board the avocado toast train. The USDA reports 690 mg of potassium in this creamy, green-fleshed fruit, along with fiber and heart-healthy lipids. That boosts heart health twice.  


This lean protein has several benefits, and here's another: Many species include potassium. The USDA reports that a 3-oz chunk of wild Atlantic salmon provides 400 mg of potassium.  


Nutritionally, potatoes are terrible, although that's mainly due to preparation. But the humble potato is a potassium powerhouse.  


Potassium is best found in fruits and vegetables, but dairy products can also provide it. A cup of whole milk provides about 370 mg of potassium, while nonfat milk has over 400 mg.  


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