A Bathroom For Every Zodiac Sign 

Many believe the stars impact our fate, and it's exciting to find parallels and synchronicities amongst friends and family born under various signs. Check out whether your zodiac affects your style! We chose 12 bathrooms with unique traits, charm, and charisma. 



Scorpio is a strong and desired trait that is controlled by Pluto. The people who designed this bathroom took these traits into account and made a bathroom that people born under this sign will love. 


Mars, the god of war, rules Aries, a practical and impressive fire sign. This layout, usually linked with bright colors, is more practical and will satisfy Aries' demand for clean, metallic, and useful space. 


Venus, the beautiful planet, rules Taureans because they are earth signs. The bathroom should be a safe place to rest and relax since it is connected to home life and fun. Do you believe this bathroom fits these traits? 


Gemini is an air sign, which means they are fun, silly, and like to play. Because of this, their bathroom should be fun and easy to use, with lots of decorations and lots of natural light to make them feel open and happy. 


Watery, romantic, tempting, and beautiful Cancers need their baths to feel fancy, warm, and very relaxing! Because the moon rules this sign, it does its best work when it feels safe and secure. It also has a strong sense of humor.  


For people born under the sign of Leo, the bathroom should feel fancy, full of details, and expensive. You can use lights, colors, and smells to make the most relaxing place possible. 


Virgo is another earth sign. It is ruled by Mercury and likes a simple, understated style. If you want a room that looks like this one, keep it simple, clean, and well-organized. 


Librans are known for having good taste because they are air signs. On top of that, they like places that look nice. Choose soft colors and add contrast with indoor plants and fresh flowers. 


Sagittarius is a powerful sign, and Jupiter rules it. Nomadic traits mean that Sagittarius people like to move around and travel. Culture and a lot of earthy colors and patterns should be taken into account. 


Saturn rules Capricorn, so the ideal bathroom for them should be earthy, useful, and classic. Cancers should feel more at home in this room, which should have all the basics plus love, safety, and old-fashioned touches. 


Aquarius people like modern rooms that are simple, bold, and functional. They like things that are airy and fancy. Uranus rules the bathroom, which should feel fancy and happy while also being orderly and one-of-a-kind. 


Pisces is the last water sign, and its people like beautiful, dreamy, and fun places to be. Decorations in bathrooms should be pleasing to the eye, with colors that make you feel calm and calming items that can help you meditate. 

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