AEW's Dustin Rhodes Discusses Pro Wrestling's 'Renaissance'

Pro wrestling veteran Dustin Rhodes shared insights on what he calls the sport's 'Renaissance,' highlighting its current creative resurgence. 

In an interview, Rhodes expressed excitement over the industry's evolution, citing diverse talent and innovative storytelling. 

He emphasized the importance of adapting to new styles and embracing change for success in today's wrestling landscape.  

Rhodes praised All Elite Wrestling (AEW) for fostering a platform that encourages artistic freedom and allows wrestlers to showcase their unique abilities. 

Reflecting on his own journey, Rhodes noted the rejuvenation of his career since joining AEW, where he's found renewed passion and purpose.  

As wrestling continues to evolve, Rhodes believes this 'Renaissance' signifies a promising future for the sport and its performers.  

He hopes to inspire the next generation to embrace creativity and push boundaries in pro wrestling. 

As the industry continues to evolve, Rhodes remains committed to pushing boundaries and elevating the art form to new heights. 


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