Backstage Update On WWE Status Of Former NJPW Star Tama Tonga Ahead Of SmackDown

In a backstage update on the WWE roster, former NJPW standout Tama Tonga's status ahead of SmackDown remains uncertain. 

Sources reveal negotiations between Tonga and WWE officials are ongoing, but no concrete deal has been reached yet. 

Tonga's potential debut on SmackDown has generated significant buzz among wrestling fans worldwide.  

WWE scouts have been closely monitoring Tonga's performances in NJPW, impressed by his in-ring prowess and charismatic presence.  

However, conflicting reports suggest hurdles in contract discussions, raising doubts about Tonga's immediate transition to WWE programming. 

Despite the uncertainty, Tonga's fans eagerly await any updates on his WWE debut, anticipating a potential shake-up in the wrestling landscape. 

As negotiations progress, anticipation builds for Tonga's potential debut on the SmackDown stage. 

Stay tuned for further developments as negotiations between Tonga and WWE continue to unfold. 


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