Backstage Update On WWE Status Of Giulia After Being Spotted Near WrestleMania Venue

In a surprising turn, Giulia, the talented wrestler from Stardom, was spotted near the WrestleMania venue, sparking speculation about her WWE status.  

Sources backstage reveal negotiations between Giulia and WWE are indeed underway, though the extent remains undisclosed.  

Giulia's presence near the event raises anticipation among fans regarding a potential debut or appearance.  

 WWE officials have been tight-lipped about any developments, heightening curiosity among the wrestling community.  

Giulia's reputation as a top-tier talent makes her a coveted addition to any promotion, including WWE.  

Observers suggest her potential signing could inject fresh energy into WWE's women's division.  

As WrestleMania approaches, all eyes are on Giulia, waiting for an official announcement that could reshape the landscape of professional wrestling.  

Stay tuned for further updates as this story unfolds .


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