Booker T Gets Candid About WWE Star Jade Cargill

In a recent interview, wrestling legend Booker T shared candid thoughts on WWE star Jade Cargill.  

Booker T praised Cargill's potential, calling her a "star in the making" with undeniable charisma.  

He highlighted her impressive physicality and commanding presence in the ring. 

However, Booker T also emphasized the importance of honing one's craft and gaining experience in the industry. 

He encouraged Cargill to focus on refining her skills to reach her full potential. 

Despite acknowledging her raw talent, Booker T cautioned against rushing her ascent to the top. 

He stressed the significance of patience and hard work in achieving long-term success in the wrestling world.  

Wrestling fans eagerly await Cargill's continued development under Booker T's insightful guidance. 


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