Chocolate Rice Pudding Recipe 

A tasty chocolate rice pudding bowl made with leftover rice from the day before. Enjoy dessert or breakfast with your favourite toppings. 

– ½ cup medium-grain rice  – 1 & ½ cups milk – 1 cup coconut milk  – 1 pinch of salt – ½ cup chocolate chips or shredded semi-sweet chocolate of choice – 2 tablespoon unsalted butter – 1 ¼ cups full fat milk – 3 tablespoon sugar or more/less to taste – 1 pinch cinnamon



Follow package instructions to cook rice. Warm milk in a medium pot without boiling. 

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Adding rice, sugar, salt, cinnamon. Add coconut milk. Stir the mixture as it simmers until thick.

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Chocolate bars that have been broken or chopped into smaller pieces will work just as well as semi-sweet chocolate chips.

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Although light coconut milk can also be used, full fat coconut milk is the best. Will require additional simmering time to thicken.

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Add butter and chocolate chips, then turn off the heat. After shutting the lid, give it a few minutes to rest. 

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Be patient when preparing rice pudding or other porridge-like dishes, as they need to cook slowly and steadily. 

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Cook thin rice pudding longer on low heat until thickened. Serve with chocolate, cinnamon, and fresh berries.

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