How To Bring Geraniums Back To Life – Rejuvenating Geraniums

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Beautiful blooms that fill numerous stalks make geraniums popular. Their vibrant leaves and blossoms enhance hanging baskets, pots, window boxes, and flowerbeds. That is, when they are blooming big and healthy.  

Many gardeners' geraniums become scraggly, sickly, and unhappy by midsummer. Once beautiful and well-maintained plants may require aid recovering from wasted flowers or irregular growth.  

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Despite looking like they're dying, you can simply get your plants flowering big and brilliant again and maintain them that way until the first frost with a little attention. So, here's how to easily revitalize geraniums!  

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Some geranium growth might rise over the plant in July. Even healthy, well-growing plants might look scraggly and lanky due to taller growth.   

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You can pinch off the taller growth, even if it has new buds. This will keep plants neat and compact as they grow in late summer.   

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Instead of pinching the plant back behind the buds, follow the long stem to where it joins another stem and pinch it off. You can use sharp pruners or your fingernail to snap it off.  

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Removing superfluous plant material lets the plant focus on the flowers and growth you left behind. This can be done throughout the growth season, but midsummer is crucial.    

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Finally, if your plant looks exhausted, trim it back more. It may take weeks to regrow new growth, but it will improve the plant until fall.  

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Geraniums need power and nutrition to grow and bloom. This is especially crucial for hanging basket and container flowers. The soil in pots and containers has few resources. Geraniums quickly deplete those resources as they grow.   

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Geraniums can suffer by mid-summer without frequent fertilizer replenishment. First, blossoms will end and foliage will fade. A lack of nutrients will kill the plants.   

Though container geraniums sometimes suffer, others can too. By midsummer, ground-grown plants can also run out of resources.   

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By midsummer, your geraniums may be fading. Check their growing area. Solar requirements vary with variety, but most need full sun.  


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