How To Keep Marigolds Flowering – 3 Secrets To More Blooms!

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Marigolds are one of our favorite annuals to raise on the farm for many reasons. One of the best summer sun-tolerant flowers, these wonderful annuals generate a lot of vibrant, colorful blossoms.  

However, their tremendous beauty and longevity are only part of why we love to cultivate them everywhere. Marigolds attract beneficial pollinators and repel many harmful pests, making them a valued asset!  

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To keep marigolds blooming, deadheading is first priority.After dying, old blooms look ugly and continue to steal nutrients from marigold plants. Even after the blossoms die, the plant sends them more power to heal. It will continue till the old bloom goes off.  

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If you remove the bloom when it fades, you can stop power loss immediately. By doing so, the plant will focus on generating and opening new blooms.  

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The best part: marigolds are easy to deadhead! Simply squeeze the blossoms behind the flower. The plant's old blossom and seed head will readily snap off. If necessary, use scissors or small pruners, but we prefer our fingertips for speed. Indeed, hearing the seed head pop off can be addictive!  

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We recommend deadheading plants weekly for optimal results. Old blooms contain seeds, so saving a few and drying them can provide you free seeds for next year.The more you pinch back old marigold flowers, the more new blooms you'll get!  

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Powering marigolds regularly is also crucial to their productivity.It takes a lot of energy for plants to flourish. Especially when plants repeatedly try to regenerate blossoms all season. That's why frequent plant feeding is crucial.  

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The fertilizer and electricity source also matter. A gradual, consistent power stream every 10–14 days is preferable than massive sporadic dosages once a month.  

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Marigolds can become overfed with heavy fertilizer applications. It will produce lots of foliage but no flowers. We give our marigolds half-strength liquid fertilizer every ten days.  

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Last but not least, marigolds need regular moisture to thrive. Not just giving your plants enough moisture to grow, but how you supply it.  

Water marigolds at the base, not the blooms. Watering blossoms shortens their lifespan. Moisture penetrates petals and can destroy them with spray pressure. Hard spray might also damage fragile young blossoms.  

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Marigolds need moisture for blooming and root and leaf nutrient absorption. Marigolds in beds need at least an inch of water every week to bloom. Watering by hand or rain.  


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