How To Prune & Fertilize Viburnum After They Bloom

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Did you know that how you prune and fertilize your viburnum bushes after they bloom might affect their health and flowering capabilities following year?  

Viburnum, a flowering shrub or tree, has several types and sizes. Over 150 cultivators exist, each with unique characteristics and growing patterns.  

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Viburnum blooms are pale pink, white, or cream from early spring to June. Some species' blossoms become fruit, attracting hungry birds and wildlife to your property.   

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In milder climates, viburnum shrubs are deciduous or semi-deciduous. Warmer temperature viburnums are evergreen.    

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Viburnum plants require little upkeep, but after blooming, they need regular care to prepare for next year's blossoming. For future success, prune and fertilize after flowering, as shown below!  

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The manner a plant blooms affects its trimming. Some plants only generate buds on new wood, while others bloom on older wood.  

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Although trimming at the wrong time won't kill plants, it can drastically diminish blooming in the current or following year. Thus, viburnum pruning after blooming is essential!  

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Viburnum plants and trees blossom atop last year's wood. Therefore, prune the shrub after or immediately after its annual bloom cycle. Unfortunately, pruning them in early spring removes previous year's growth and this year's blossoms.    

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However, late summer or fall pruning removes new wood from viburnums that blossomed. Next spring's buds are in that wood.  

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Major trimming or shaping of your viburnum should happen after blooming. With enough time left in summer, the shrub can grow new wood and bloom sets for next year.  

This should only change if your bush fruits after blooming. For these types, wait until early September when the fruit falls. Any viburnum variety can be lightly pruned during the season. Use this just for light shaping or to remove dying, sick, or damaged branches.   

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A pair of hand pruners and loppers for larger branches can easily prune most branches. A small hand saw may be needed for some of the larger branches near the main stem if you prune the shrub back.  


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