How To Use Cinnamon To Repel Pests In Gardens & Flowerbeds

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Did you know that cinnamon can keep many kinds of bugs, diseases, and other problems away from your yard and flowerbeds?  

On the market today, there are a huge number of different commercial insecticide granules, sprays, and bug repellents. Actually, there are so many that it can be hard to figure out which sprays kill which bugs and whether they also hurt good bugs.  

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Unfortunately, and this is even worse, those goods often have chemicals and additives that aren't safe. When you look at the container, you can see all the dangers and safety tips, such as how they can hurt you, your children, and your pets.   

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After reading a few labels, you may wonder if it's worth using these commercial items in your flowerbeds and landscape, let alone near your food-producing plants.  

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However, cinnamon can assist more than you realize! This all-natural flavored spice is a pantry staple and a powerful pest-fighter!  

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Cinnamon repels various pests, as shown below. It also has remarkable anti-fungal and antibacterial effects. Perhaps best of all, it's cheap, natural, and great for gardens and flowerbeds!  

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Cinnamon's powerful aroma repels many insects and pests that can damage flowerbeds and gardens. Most pests avoid scented areas. For others, cinnamon's texture drives them away.     

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There are three ways to use cinnamon to protect garden and flowerbed plants. For optimal results, reapply after rain or every two weeks.   

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The easiest solution is to sprinkle ground cinnamon on damaged plants' soil or foliage. If cinnamon touches leaves, it won't harm them. Cinnamon heals plant wounds due to its antibacterial and antifungal qualities.  

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Your second cinnamon use is making a repellant spray. Make with two tablespoons of powdered cinnamon per four cups of heated water. Let this mixture steep overnight.   

The next day, pour the liquid through a coffee filter into a spray bottle. Include a few drops of rubbing alcohol and mild liquid soap and shake thoroughly. Dish soap just helps the spray stick to plants. If necessary, spray this combination on plant foliage or soil.   

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Cinnamon deters most insects, although some larger garden pests dislike its aroma. When cinnamon smells strong, rats, mice, raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, moles, and weasels stay away.   


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