How To Water And Fertilize Ferns – 2 Big Secrets To Keep Your Ferns Beautiful All Summer!

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Do you want some easy tips on how to water, feed, and take care of your plants so they stay healthy and strong all summer?  

Ferns are a favorite hanging basket and container plant. In spring, it's hard to visit a nursery, greenhouse, or big box store without seeing a huge fern display.  

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Easy to see why they're popular. They are low-maintenance and wonderful for adding interest to shady areas of a garden. Ferns' vivid green fronds may enliven dreary porches, patios, and shaded decks, even if they don't blossom like summer annuals.  

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However, many gardeners struggle to keep their ferns healthy and colorful all season. Ferns that looked great in spring can look lanky and ragged by midsummer. Their once-bright green fronds often brown.  

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Ferns frequently fail for three simple, fixable reasons.Ferns' major problem is location. Placement in too much sun kills many ferns. Ferns hate direct sunshine. Especially if it's afternoon sunlight.  

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Ferns need indirect illumination to flourish and look good. Direct sunshine for more than a few hours in the morning or evening will scorch the plant's fragile fronds.  

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Ferns in containers and baskets need watering and fertilization in addition to positioning. As you'll see below, irrigation is about giving your plants continuous moisture without damaging their young foliage.  

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Fern fertilization is a challenge for most gardeners. Ferns rarely need heavy feedings. To much or the improper fertilizer will harm the plants more than benefit them.  

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Ferns need fertilizer in pots, contrary to popular opinion, as you will see below. What and how you use it is the key to success.  

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Fern health depends most on proper watering. Ferns come from moist, humid tropical climates and dark woodlands.  

A fern's hanging basket or container soil must always be somewhat damp, unlike many flowering annuals. Allowing it to dry out between waterings stresses its roots. When that happens, top foliage suffers.  

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So what is the best fertilizer to use on your ferns? It’s none other than worm castings! Worm castings are the manure of earth worms. And they have the perfect balance of nutrients that will keep your ferns lush and green without overpowering them.


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