Pearl Gemstone Wearing Guide: Zodiacs Who Should And Shouldn’t Wear Moti

Gemstones are important in astrology due of planet connections. Gems' luck-bringing and links to weak or powerful planets give them power. Today, we're discussing "moti." or pearls. Ratna Shastra says pearls represent the Moon and Lakshmi's blessings. Relaxing circular or long pearls look good.  



The Moon rules Aries' favorable fourth house. This house represents mother, land, property, vehicle, and happiness. Pearls are appropriate for this zodiac sign. 


Since the Moon rules the Cancer rising, people born under this sign should wear pearls. They will be able to keep their mind and body working together properly, and it will also bring them money. 


Libra people's horoscopes show that the Moon rules the tenth house, which is about work and family. Because of this, people born under this sign should wear pearls. 


Scorpio's fortune-keeping Moon grows weak. Pearls are inappropriate for this zodiac. If they want to wear pearls, they can use Chandra Yantra to protect the Moon and boost their luck. 


In Pisces horoscopes, the Moon rules the favorable fifth house. Pearls are required for this zodiac. Pearls boost the chances of having a kid for childless couples of this zodiac and help the child grow. Wearing pearls may also help students. 


The Moon is in charge of Taurus's third house, which is not a good sign. Wearing pearls can make your relationship with your family worse and cause you to fail. 


For people born under the sign of Gemini, the Moon rules the second house, which is about talking. So, it's best not to wear pearls because they might make you feel and think stressed. 


Since the Moon is in Leo in the twelfth house, it is not a good idea to wear pearls. These actions may cause more costs and health issues. 


When Virgo is the ruler, the Moon rules the eleventh house, which is thought to be useless. So, wearing pearls could make you rich quickly, but it could also cause you a lot of trouble. 


When you are born under the sign of Sagittarius, the Moon rules the eighth house, which is seen as unlucky. It's possible that wearing pearls will give you bad dreams and stress. 


For people born under the sign of Capricorn, the Moon rules the seventh house, which is also called Marrakesh. Wearing pearls may make them think about committing suicide. 


In Aquarius ascendants, the Moon rules over the sixth house, which is not a good place to be. Pearls can make people crazy, give you the cold or flu, and even turn friends into enemies. 

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