Rare Bicentennial Quarter Bonanza: 6 $90 Million+Coins! 

Collections of rare and historical coins have fascinating stories and incredible values. Bicentennial Quarter stands out. Quarters commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence represent American heritage. This collection includes six rare coins worth over $90 million. This listicle discusses these six rare coins' history, rarity, and value.

A Double-Struck Liberty

First, the Double-Struck Liberty, accidentally struck twice during minting. The image overlap was unique due to this error. An offset double image of the Bicentennial symbol drummer boy appears on the coin. Collectors worldwide want this error because of its rarity and historical significance, which has raised its value to over $90 million.

Misprinted Motto Quarter

The Misprinted Motto Quarter, a printing error-valued coin, follows. The motto “E Pluribus Unum” was misprinted during minting, creating a rare and unique variation. The coin's pristine condition and error make it a rare collector's item. Historical significance from the Bicentennial celebration makes it worth $90 million.

Silver Composition Error

The composition error on our third coin stands out. This rare quarter was mistakenly struck in pure silver instead of copper-nickel. This error occurred when the U.S. Mint switched materials, making such coins rare. Silver content and Bicentennial ties make this coin valuable, with estimates exceeding $90 million.

Off-Center Drummer Boy

Another oddity is the Off-Center Drummer Boy quarter. The drummer boy design on this coin was misaligned due to off-center striking. This rare error is prized by collectors. The coin looks different from quarters due to its off-center strike. Its rarity and historical significance make it worth over $90 million.

Quarter Without Mint Mark

U.S. quarters usually have a mint mark indicating their origin. The unusual No Mint Mark Quarter lacks this inscription. This coin is rare due to a minting error. A Bicentennial quarter, a coin with a rich history, is worth up to $90 million without a mint mark.

Full Drum Lines Quarter

Finale: Full Drum Lines Quarter. Drum lines are clear and complete on this drummer boy coin, making it unique. Period quarters have worn or incomplete drum lines. This coin's pristine condition and full design make it rare. Its perfect condition and historical significance make it worth over $90 million.

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