Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $40 Million USD: 3 More Worth Over $300,000

Amid coin collecting's unique history and high pricing, the Bicentennial Quarter distinguishes out. In 1976, the US printed a unique quarter for its 200th anniversary. A few of these quarters are valued, but most are nostalgic. One $40 million Bicentennial Quarter and six above $300,000 will be examined.

$40 Million Bicentennial Quarter

At over $40 million, the Bicentennial Quarter shocked the numismatic community. This quarter represents American history and currency. Its minting error and flawless condition distinguish this quarter. Other quarters of the period used copper-nickel clad, but this one was struck on 90% silver. Its rarity and historical significance make it in high demand among collectors.

Double-Error Quarter

This quarter, worth over $350,000, was struck twice due to a rare minting error. The evident double impression makes it a rare collectible. Due to mints' strict quality control, such faults are rare, increasing this coin's value. This double-struck quarter is a rare mistake coin, valued by collectors.

The Off-Center Silver Quarter

An off-center strike can make a quarter valuable. A silver planchet Bicentennial Quarter struck 15% off-center sold for nearly $400,000. The off-center strike and silver content make it appealing. Its mistake and substance make it rare in coin collecting.

Overstruck Quarter

Some $300,000 was paid for a 1941 Canadian cent overstruck. An old coin was mistaken for a planchet, causing this odd blunder. The coin is unique and precious because it combines the Bicentennial design and the Canadian quarter.

Misaligned Die Quarter 

A Bicentennial Quarter with a misaligned die and some brockage was worth over $325,000. This miscalculation produced a rare coin with a distorted picture. Collectors love misaligned die errors for their unique look and minting process stories.

Full Brockage Quarter

A entire brockage Bicentennial Quarter, with the pattern reversed, sold for $350,000. This error happens when a coin adheres to the die and imprints other coins. Full brockage coins are rare and precious.

Clipped Planchet Quarter

Finally, a Bicentennial Quarter with a clipped planchet, where part of the coin is missing owing to a blanking error, was worth over $300,000. This mistake provides the coin an uneven shape, providing value and individuality.

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