Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $50 Million USD: 6 More Worth Over $600,000

Coin collecting can yield fortunes and surprises. Bicentennial Quarter stands out. American 200th anniversary quarters are popular with collectors. Few Bicentennial Quarters are valuable. This article discusses these fascinating quarters, including one worth nearly $50 million and six over $600,000. 

1. $50 Million Bicentennial Quarter 

Collectors were shocked to learn that the rarest and most valuable Bicentennial Quarter is worth nearly $50 million. The mint errors and historical significance make this quarter unique. A rare mint mark and double die obverse make it rare. Due to its rarity and 200th anniversary of American independence design, the quarter is a collector's item. 

2. Overstruck Error Quarter 

A minting error overstruck this Bicentennial Quarter on a 1941 Canadian quarter, worth over $600,000. This quarter is rare because it contains two coins and commemorates the Bicentennial. Collectors treasure such anomalies because they reveal minting errors and history. 

3. Off-Center Strike Quarter 

Valued over $600,000, the Bicentennial Quarter with an off-center strike is rare. The design is strikingly off-center due to this minting error. Collectors prize such errors because they are unique to the minting process. Off-center strike and bicentennial design make the quarter rare and valuable. 

4. Double Die Reverse Quarter 

The double die reverse error distinguishes this $600,000 Bicentennial Quarter. This error doubles the reverse elements, creating a striking and rare coin. The numismatic community values double die errors for their rarity and unique visual effect. 

5. The Missing Clad Layer Quarter

The copper layer underneath a Bicentennial Quarter without its clad layer is another rare find worth over $600,000. Manufacturing error: nickel-clad layer not applied. This reveals the copper core, making the coin stand out. Rare errors add character and value to a coin. 

6. The Full Brockage Quarter

Due to a minting error, the full brockage Bicentennial Quarter was struck against another coin instead of the minting die and is worth over $600,000. This mirrors the design on one side of the coin, making it rare and intriguing. Rare Brockage errors tell a unique story about the minting process and are valued. 

7. No S Proof Quarter 

Collectors love the ‘No S’ Proof Bicentennial Quarter, which lacks the San Francisco Mint tick. These are rare and misprinted without the mint mark. Beautiful ‘No S’ Proofs can fetch over $200,000. 

Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $10 Million USD: 6 More Worth Over $150,000 

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