Prop Maker Details Alleged Difficulty Working With WWE Star Zelina Vega

In recent developments, prop maker Roger Johnson has reportedly expressed frustration over working conditions with WWE star Zelina Vega. 

Johnson claims Vega's alleged demands and attitude have made collaboration challenging. 

Sources close to the situation suggest that Vega's specific requests and expectations have posed difficulties for Johnson in delivering props for her performances.  

Despite efforts to accommodate Vega's requests, tensions seem to have escalated, leading to delays and disagreements in the creative process. 

Neither Vega nor WWE officials have issued statements addressing the allegations as of yet.  

Fans and industry insiders await further updates on this brewing controversy surrounding the collaboration between Zelina Vega and her prop maker.

This incident raises questions about the conduct of WWE talent and their interactions with production staff.

No official response from Zelina Vega or WWE yet, awaiting further developments in the story.


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