Tama Tonga Joins The Bloodline, Helps Destroy Jimmy Uso In WWE SmackDown Debut

In a shocking turn of events on WWE SmackDown, Tama Tonga, known for his dominance in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, made his debut by aligning himself with The Bloodline faction.  

Tonga's arrival rattled the WWE Universe as he immediately targeted Jimmy Uso, unleashing a brutal assault.  

The Bloodline, led by Universal Champion Roman Reigns, welcomed Tonga with open arms, signaling a formidable force in the WWE.  

Tonga's seamless integration into the group solidifies their dominance on the blue brand. 

The ferocity displayed by Tonga sent a clear message to the entire locker room.  

As Jimmy Uso lay battered in the ring, it marked a new chapter in his rivalry with The Bloodline. 

WWE fans are eagerly anticipating the repercussions of Tonga's alliance and the impact it will have on the SmackDown landscape. 

The attack on Jimmy Uso raises questions about the future of The Usos and their relationship with Reigns.  


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