The Colour You Should Paint Your Bathroom, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You can wash away the stress of the day in your bathroom. Your home is where you feel safe. That's why you should look at the room's furniture and paint the walls to match. The color of the space where we begin and end each day can have a big impact on our energy and mood. If you want to know what color each sign should paint their bathroom, keep reading. 



Aries are independent and passionate. Love something before recommending it. Go ahead and paint your bathroom that bright crimson you've been eyeing. Fire-sign vitality will greet you in the morning and after a hard day. Use black steel or dark wood furniture to contrast. 


The earth sign Taurus is particularly nature-oriented. You're most relaxed in your yard or park. Thus, a light sage green bathroom paint is appropriate. Add some humidity-loving plants and you'll have a self-made haven you'll never want to leave. 


While Geminis are effervescent socialites, you enjoy relaxing at home too. For relaxation, you set a weekly self-care day. You could paint your bathroom a bright color like yellow to reflect your cheery nature and relax. Showcase your extrovertism with entertaining art. 


As zodiac homebodies, Cancers appreciate coziness. Your style is sleek and inviting. We suggest adding the ocean to your bathroom with dark blue walls for a trendy look. Defuse your favorite aromatic oils and add foliage and water elements to complete it. 


Leos enjoy royal treatment. You prefer dramatic patterns that match your exuberant attitude. How can you feel your best if your home doesn't inspire confidence? Gold with a top-to-bottom regency-style bathroom design is our recommendation. Feel like a million bucks. 


As zodiac perfectionists, Virgos are detail-oriented. Home clutter and hassle might overwhelm you. You like uncomplicated, so paint your bathroom walls a light white. Select paintings and statement furnishings to finish the look. 


Venus, the planet of beauty and love, rules Libras, thus you prefer to indulge in luxury and pamper yourself. Your dressing room should look like a scene from a romantic comedy. A light pink accent wall gives your bathroom a modern touch of romance and whimsy. 


Scorpio, like all water signs, wants a place to relax. You appear aloof and mysterious, but you have a lot on your mind. You prefer deeper, more grounded colors like black walls. Create the ultimate retreat with mood lighting, a Bluetooth speaker, and art. 


Sagittarians are creative, stylish, and free-spirited, using home decor to express themselves. Your perfect bathroom color is strong but warm. Bright orange walls will brighten your day and remind you of your globe adventures. For a holiday room, add Tuscan paintings and flowers. 


Capricorns are known for their opinions, so you're picky about your residence. After a long day as boss, you want to relax in your spa. Deep forest green walls are elegant and peaceful, matching your minimalist style. Use wood, stone, and native flora to decorate. 


Aquarius, your unexpected nature may surprise people with your trendy home design tastes. You like elegant lines and cutting-edge electronics. We propose hiring a professional to build your fantasy bathroom with a brick, marble, or moss accent wall. 


Pisces like to test expectations. Your imagination is so vivid that nothing can bring you back to reality. You'll want to paint your bathroom walls a fantasy-like color. Relaxing lavender will take you to a dreamland. 

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