The Luckiest Zodiac Signs, Ranked

It's not because the cosmos likes them. We all know that how we handle obstacles and view chances affects our fate. Zodiac signs indicate your core traits. We can gain from a lucky coincidence or accident, but we usually have to create our own. More effort and mental flexibility will boost your luck.  



Sagittarius should be at the top of this list. Jupiter is its ruling planet, and that planet has always been linked to luck, kindness, and plenty. For Sagittarius, life is a beautiful tapestry of adventures and events that are worth a lot. 


When thinking about "lucky accidents," Capricorn may not be first. It may take time, but Capricorn will succeed. Having that quality is great. You can wish them luck because they seek brutal control over their lives. 


Everyone adores Leo! Leo adores him! A lucky existence requires self-confidence. Leo expects positive energy from others, so they attract it. It's easy for them to tell an audience what they need, and their presentation is so compelling that people usually comply. 


Taurus loves riches, beauty, and comfort. They are smart investors in more than simply tangible wealth due to their sense of value and security. Taurus' area comprises good people, ideas, and things. They prohibit bad luck on their property. 


Jupiter governed Pisces before humans discovered extrasolar planets. Neptune occupies that spot, but many historical associations remain. Pisces is good in emotional empathy. They build many significant social and professional relationships because they promptly see needs and aid. 


Libra values fairness and balance over luck. If Libra has too much good luck, they'll look for the bad that must come. Libras aren't cynics, but they know that everything has a drawback. Negotiation skills can help Libra avoid the downside for as long as feasible. 


Aquarius is smart and quirky, typically surrounded by upheaval and change. These changes can bring good luck and surprises. Most often, they cause trouble. 


Aries employs force to succeed regardless of luck. They often benefit from overcoming every challenge. This technique creates numerous opponents. Aries' passion is admirable, but they'll succeed faster and more often if they can control it and get what they want without fighting. 


Gemini, one of the most social signs, impresses and collaborates well. Geminis struggle most when alone; they can't function for long. They require feedback and approval. I think Geminis' luck depends on others', which is negative. 


It's not that being a Virgo brings bad luck. The sign of Virgo doesn't believe in luck. Virgos believe databases, lists, and research. No matter what happens, good or bad, they start to look for patterns. It's not always a bad thing, but you can't make luck happen again in the lab. 


Cancer doesn't help itself if attitude determines luck. Defense, passive-aggression, and eternal grudges characterize this sign. Cancers have a lovely side, but being quiet and protective makes them hard to approach. 


Pluto rules Scorpio. Scorpio represents calamity and severe life lessons, making it final. As the unluckiest zodiac sign, do Scorpios adore drama and hardships like Pluto? Should Scorpio welcome misfortune? Does their misfortune bring luck? Scorpio is infinitely paradoxical!) 

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