These 6 Healthy Foods Can Help Lower Heart Disease Risk, New Study Shows


The PURE healthy eating pattern study advises two to three fruit servings daily to minimize heart disease risk. Fruit is beneficial for your heart, intestines, and antioxidants may prevent some cancers.


Vegetables help balance blood sugar and blood pressure, which is great for your heart.


"Beans, beans, they're good for your heart" was more than a tune. The new heart-healthy study recommends three to four servings of beans and legumes each week. 


Protein and antioxidants abound in nuts. They also benefit your heart and digestive system and can help you lose weight if you eat nuts daily. The study recommends a handful of nuts daily for heart wellness.


Fish is a lean, heart-healthy protein. Omega-3-rich fatty fish boosts cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure, inflammation, and cognitive function with two to three servings a week.

Whole-Fat Dairy

This one may be the most shocking, but a new study—supported by a European Society of Cardiology study—recommends 14 servings of whole-fat dairy a week to improve heart health and reduce heart disease risk. 

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