Tommy Dreamer Lays Out How He'd Book WWE Feud Between CM Punk & Drew McIntyre

In a recent interview, wrestling veteran Tommy Dreamer outlined his vision for a WWE feud between CM Punk and Drew McIntyre.  

Dreamer suggested a slow build, starting with subtle hints of tension between the two superstars. 

He proposed utilizing their contrasting personalities and wrestling styles to create compelling storytelling in the ring. 

Dreamer emphasized the importance of establishing a deep-rooted rivalry with personal stakes for both competitors.  

He suggested incorporating elements of betrayal and revenge to elevate the intensity of the feud.  

Dreamer also stressed the significance of allowing the feud to culminate in a high-stakes match at a major pay-per-view event.  

Overall, his booking strategy aimed to maximize fan engagement and create memorable moments in WWE programming.

Overall, Dreamer's vision promises a compelling narrative and memorable encounters between two wrestling titans. 


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