Top 5 Emotional Zodiac Sign

Astrology's mystical concepts claim emotions shape people. Some zodiac signs are sensitive and handle life's ups and downs emotionally. Our 5 emotional zodiac signs put their hearts on their sleeves.

The moon-ruled Cancer is emotionally intense. People from this sign are perceptive, caring, and nurturing. They are social pillars because their emotional intelligence helps them build lasting ties. 

1. Cancer

The last water sign, Pisces, is dreamy and intuitive. Empathetic Pisceans absorb others' emotions. Their sensitivity inspires art and creativity from emotions. 

2. Pisces

Pluto's water sign, Scorpio, is fierce. This sign's people love deeply. But emotional sensitivity usually comes with loyalty. Scorpios need love, betrayal, and ambition. 

3. Scorpio

Taurus folks are practical but emotional. Love planet Venus rules Taurus, who value emotional stability. They value all emotions due of their sensory connection. Taurus is attractive and loyal.

4. Taurus

Venus rules Air sign Libra seeks equilibrium in all aspects of life, including emotions. Fair-minded diplomats and people born under this sign value relationships. Librans care about people and seek balance. 

5. Libra

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