Top 5 Extrovert Zodiac Signs  

Astrology, which predicts our personalities, activities, and preferences based on birthplace, has always interested mankind. Astrology is not a science, but many find solace and advice in their zodiac sign readings. 

Our ranking of the most affable and extroverted signs begins with Sun-ruled Leo. Leos exude energy. Their kindness and cheerfulness naturally attract people. Leos' charisma can brighten up any room.

1. Leo

Libra, our second sign, is ruled by Venus. Librans enjoy harmony and mingling. They flourish in communities and make peace. Libras are diplomatic and talkative.

2. Libra

Jupiter controls Sagittarius, the third most sociable sign. Sagittarians love to travel personally and metaphorically. Child curiosity and enthusiasm for life lead them to new cultures and experiences.

3. Sagittarius

Mercury oversees Gemini, our fourth sign. Geminis are smart, communicative, and flexible. Friendly Zodiac butterflies are continuously seeking new experiences.

4. Gemini

Uranus rules Fifth and last on our list of the most friendly and extroverted zodiac signs is Aquarius. Humanitarian Aquarians aim to help the world. Friendly and independent, they are unorthodox extroverts.

5. Aquarius

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