Top 7 Core Exercises That Burn Fat Fast 

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A washboard stomach is one of the few fitness awards guys admire, possibly because it shows you've worked out, controlled your food, and taken time to fight belly fat.  

Work as many muscles as possible to lose gut. The burpee does. The powerful push-up, leap, and push-up workout works every muscle in the body.  


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The mountain climber is like a moving board. When you quickly bring one knee into your chest, you do a small crunch.  

Mountain Climber

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The kettlebell swing may be the most calorie-burning exercise ever. To propel the heavy ball of iron, work glutes, hips, and quadriceps, which burn fat.  

Kettlebell Swing 

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Not used a medicine ball since school? You're losing out. Expert coach Sean De Wispelaere says powerful actions like the med-ball slam require all the muscles between your neck and hips to function together since your core is your center of force.  

Medicine Ball Slam 

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A core chiseler is a lunge with a dumbbell overhead.'As the load shifts with every exercise, all of your thoracic muscles must work together to keep the weight precisely above you,' says Cressey Performance strength coach Tony Gentilcore.  

Dumbell Overhead Lunge 

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Short, quick aerobic sessions are best for losing weight around the midsection or elsewhere. Instead of 5ks, try HIIT.   

Treadmill Sprint

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This multi-joint squat-shoulder press exercise will work your glutes, quads, abs, shoulders, and arms while testing your cardio. The most cost-effective exercise targets practically every major muscle group.  


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Skaters are great for burning fat, but they're also great for improving your speed, building strength, increasing your power, and completely changing the way you look.  


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As a result of the fact that this plyometric activity burns calories quite effectively, it is an excellent supplement to any workout that focuses on reducing body fat.  

Tuck Jump

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Squat jumps are another plyometric exercise that burns a lot of calories. They are also a building block for almost every powerful lower body move you can think of.  

Squat Jump

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Despite its simplicity, this workout works the arms, stomach, glutes, legs, and heart in one powerful, calorie-crushing move.  


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Remember to start new exercises slowly. Consult a doctor or physical therapist if you experience severe or prolonged pain. Just follow the moderate regular exercise guidelines and ask your doctor if you have concerns about how else your exercise program can benefit you.  


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