Turkey Wrap Recipe

Fill a tortilla with cooked or leftover turkey, lettuce, and cranberry sauce for turkey wraps. Perfect for a packed lunch or light dinner, they take 10 minutes to prepare. 

– ½ cup cooked leftover turkey breast – 2 regular 6 inch tortilla of your choice – 4 tablespoons cream cheese  – 4 tablespoons cranberry sauce  – ½ cup Romaine lettuce  – 3 tablespoon pecan or walnut



Put a tortilla on a surface that is flat, and then spread a strip of cream cheese that is two tablespoons long down the middle of the tortilla.

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The cream cheese should be covered with two tablespoons of cranberry sauce then added.

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Each wrap should be layered with a quarter cup of lettuce and a quarter cup of turkey cubes.

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You can play around with the amount of filling, just be careful not to stuff the wraps too full. Enjoy them after rolling them up.

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Profile of flavour and texture A delicious combination of sweet and savoury flavours, soft and chewy.

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