Undertaker Inducts Muhammad Ali Into WWE Hall Of Fame, Rock Gets People's Championship

In a historic moment, Undertaker, WWE legend, inducted boxing icon Muhammad Ali into the WWE Hall of Fame, honoring Ali's impact beyond the ring. 

The ceremony showcased Ali's cultural significance and his memorable appearances in WWE events. 

Undertaker's tribute highlighted Ali's influence on sports entertainment.   

In another noteworthy development, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was bestowed with the prestigious People's Championship, symbolizing his unparalleled connection with WWE fans worldwide.  

The Rock expressed gratitude for the honor, reflecting on his journey from wrestling to Hollywood stardom. 

His acceptance speech resonated with millions, reaffirming his status as one of WWE's most beloved figures. 

This dual celebration underscored the enduring legacy of both Ali and The Rock in the realm of sports entertainment. 

As wrestling history was made, the WWE universe eagerly anticipates the next chapter in this storied saga. 


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