Which Nail Polish Colour Fits Your Zodiac Sign 

What causes sleeplessness and why do zodiac signs use herbs legally elsewhere? Stress wakes us. Story over. Astrology reveals zodiac sign and unique stressors. At night, clock-fighters envy people who can sleep anytime.  



Passionate Aries executives don't mind making a statement, trying new trends, or using strong colors. A basic, classic design that makes a statement is great for you since you're always on the go. You can be silly with a splash of ruby-red polish. With red as your power color, you'll always feel confident and empowered. 


Tauruses are trustworthy. You prefer traditional, timeless items. You need a beautiful, intentional style that nobody will know how much work went into it. Classic French manicures are simple but elegant. 


Geminis are smart and adaptive. You love treating yourself, but you have trouble choosing. You'll want a versatile nail polish hue. Why not paint each finger a color that matches your fun-loving, gregarious personality? Never get bored this way. 


You crave comfort and familiarity since you're sensitive and insightful. You enjoy nostalgia as an emotional water sign. Cancer, who cares for others, wants a beautiful, portable design "Adds Atlas. Stylish opalescent pearls reveal your calmness and nostalgia. 


Nail polish should reflect your confidence as the zodiac's fun-loving extrovert. Sun signs enjoy warm, bright colors. We recommend a bright orange nail polish during your next session. Beautiful summer nails will capture attention year-round. 


Direct Virgos. You never stop for anything. Zodiac perfectionists need long-lasting manicures. "Virgo knows how to make a minimalist style seem maximalist," adds. "You like to show off without being too showy." A low-maintenance blush pink or nude nail polish is preferable. 


Libra, beauty is your life. In love with Venus, you love trying new trends. Your perfect nail polish color is sweet and appealing, like you. You usually choose pink and red, yet lavender is a unique romantic color. Light purple is relaxing and adds color to your style. 


Scorpio like strong, dark styles. Pluto dominates your zodiac, so darkness is familiar. Take a risk and get black stiletto nails at the manicure shop. The pointed nail form is different, but the black lacquer gives you that clandestine look you like. 


Jupiter rules luck and expansion, so you're not scared to try new things. "The adventurer of the zodiac, Sagittarius can rock a bohemian style that looks as if you haven't seen a salon in weeks—yet somehow still looks impeccable at the end of the day, 


Capricorns prefer style and professionalism. Nail polish should symbolize your business approach with big goals and money moves. An earthy sage green indicates maturity and reliability and is low-maintenance. Though less noticeable, you have bigger issues! 


Any unusual manicure suits your renegade nature. Aquarius energy can rock any style, whether it's a strong color, distinctive print, or something completely different. You can rock loud, eye-catching manicures, therefore we recommend mix-and-match animal print nails. 


As Pisces, the zodiac's dreamer, you're lighthearted. Your nail polish color should complement your unique, charming attitude. You like to experiment and use colors that evoke calm waters. Funky floral arrangements are glamorous and link you to nature. 

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