Which rice is better for you? What you should know about brown rice and white rice. 

As a whole grain, rice is a great food for any diet because it is full of nutrients. But there is disagreement when people try to figure out whether brown rice or white rice is better for them.

This topic cannot be answered in one statement, so read on to learn about each type of rice and which may be the healthiest for you. There are several variations between white and brown rice besides appearance. 

Brown rice is named for its natural hue, however whole grain rice comes in black, purple, and red. Brown rice cooks slower than white rice and tastes nutty and chewy.

White rice is named for its color, not its type. White rice is brown rice processed and polished to eliminate bran and germ. B vitamins and iron are given after this process to replace nutrients. 

There's no clear answer to whether white or brown rice is healthier. Both can be healthy parts of a balanced diet, depending on what you want.If you have an inflammatory bowel illness (IBD) like Crohn's or ulcerative colitis or recently undergone bowel surgery.

But if you don't already have stomach problems, brown rice is a better choice because it has more fiber and nutrients. Carbohydrates that are complicated, like brown rice, are usually better for you.

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