Why Bully Ray Doesn't Think Cody Rhodes Can Hold The WWE Title Like Roman Reigns

Former WWE superstar Bully Ray has expressed skepticism regarding Cody Rhodes' ability to hold the WWE Championship like Roman Reigns.

In a recent interview, Bully Ray questioned Rhodes' capacity to carry the same level of authority and dominance as Reigns.

Ray highlighted Reigns' extensive experience and success in WWE, contrasting it with Rhodes' track record.

He emphasized Reigns' commanding presence and storytelling prowess, suggesting Rhodes may not match up to the same standard.

Rhodes, currently competing in AEW, has garnered acclaim for his work but has yet to hold a top championship in WWE.

Bully Ray's comments have sparked debate among wrestling fans, with some agreeing and others defending Rhodes' potential.

As Rhodes continues to establish himself in AEW, the question of his ability to reach the WWE Championship pinnacle remains a topic of discussion.

However, others agree with Ray, citing Rhodes' previous run in WWE and questioning his ability to connect with the audience on Reigns' level.


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