Why Each Zodiac Sign Can't Sleep At Night

What causes sleeplessness and why do zodiac signs use herbs legally elsewhere? Stress wakes us. Story over. Astrology reveals zodiac sign and unique stressors. At night, clock-fighters envy people who can sleep anytime.  



Aries worries about their image and doesn't sleep. Did someone misjudge them yesterday? They weren't taken seriously? Aries will lie in bed until 5 AM agonizing about someone's viewpoint and planning a retort for the next day. 


Taurus thinks nonstop, which might drive them mad. Taurus spends every night going over things until they appear pointless. Too many unfocused thoughts. 


Gemini sleeps well, but sleeplessness usually involves a decision they cannot make, no matter how simple. After discovering another side, Gemini becomes immobilized by the thought of making a choice, preventing them from sleeping. 


Cancer plans ahead and thinks forward, causing insomnia and worry. Stress collapses them into bedrest, which never fulfills or cures because they never sleep. Cancer patients go to bed early and sleep late due to stress. 


Leo obsesses, therefore they never sleep. They certainly slept well as kids, but Leo doesn't have time for it now. Others are thinking about ruling the globe or getting the most attention. Denying a Leo attention results in an insomniac lying in bed wondering what happened.  


Since Virgo is the largest worry wart, nothing helps them sleep. They've mastered not sleeping since they're used to it. Virgo works after one hour of sleep and succeeds. Virgo sleeps less than most signs due to money worries. 


Libra is always awake, anxious, and possibly guilty. They have an innate guilt complex, so they recognize if they've done wrong. They confess their guilt all night, earning them punishment and insomnia. 


Scorpio plots when they don't sleep. They may want revenge, destroy a friend, or can't sleep since they couldn't kill or maim someone the day before. Scorpio will solve their problem by force the next day, whatever keeps them up at night. 


Money, money, less. Same story with Sagittarius. They worry about money more than any other symptom and tend to take it personally. Money worries make Sagittarius queasy, causing sleeplessness. 


Order makes Capricorns happy; disarray drives them crazy. Capricorn is a nervous wreck when things are scattered, chaotic, or uncertain. If home is messy, sleep is over; if work is messy, their mind explodes at 4 AM. 


Aquarius doesn't sleep because they've done bad things that will hurt them. They sleep in expectation of the shoe dropping, waiting for karma since they know they created something terrible. Nightly insomnia plagues them as they struggle to accept themselves. 


Pisces don't sleep because they value other things more. Like what? Like identifying the worst person they know, fixating on them, and then taking action. 

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