World 10 Varieties of Artisanal Cheeses

Brie - A Creamy Delight from France

Brie, the "Queen of Cheeses," from France, boasts a creamy texture, nutty flavor, and white rind, adored by connoisseurs worldwide, perfect with fruits & wine.

Gouda - Dutch Masterpiece

Netherlands' Gouda: semi-hard, rich caramel taste. Aging adds depth. Young for milder flavor, aged for robust, nutty taste - ideal for platters & sandwiches.

Camembert - The Art of French Cheesemaking

French Camembert: velvety, earthy, ripens outside-in. Creamier & more flavorful with age. Perfect with crusty bread & fruits, a cheese lover's paradise.

Cheddar - The Classic English Cheese

England's iconic Cheddar: 800+ years of history. Smooth texture, bold taste - mild to sharp with aging. Versatile, elevates dishes from mac 'n' cheese to burgers.

Roquefort - Blue Elegance from France

Roquefort: "King of Blues" from France's caves. Pungent, blue-veined, crumbly due to Penicillium roqueforti mold. Perfect for salads, dressings, and savory dishes.

Manchego - Spanish Delight

Spain's Manchego: sheep's milk from La Mancha. Nutty, tangy taste. Aging varies from mild to intense. Savor on cheeseboard with honey or Spanish wines.

Parmigiano Reggiano - Italian Perfection

Italian Parmigiano Reggiano, a hard, granular cheese with intense umami flavor. Aged up to 36 months for complexity. Grate over pasta, soups, salads for perfection.

Feta - Greece's Culinary Treasure

Greek Feta: brined, sheep's milk cheese. Crumbly, tangy - complements salads & Mediterranean dishes. Ancient Greek heritage, integral to their cuisine.

Swiss Emmental - The King of Holes

Swiss Emmental: mild, nutty flavor, iconic holes. Perfect for melting - fondue, sandwiches. Beloved worldwide, recognizable, loved by all ages.

Gorgonzola - Italy's Beloved Blue

Italian Gorgonzola: creamy, crumbly blue cheese. Sharp, tangy taste from Penicillium cultures. Enhances dressings, sauces, enriches various dishes.

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