WWE Star CM Punk Recalls Humorous Anecdote About 2011 Royal Rumble

Former WWE star CM Punk delighted fans during a recent interview by sharing a humorous anecdote about the 2011 Royal Rumble.  

Punk recounted a backstage incident involving him and fellow wrestler Ted DiBiase Jr., where they engaged in a playful argument over a number spot in the Rumble match. 

The situation escalated when DiBiase playfully slapped Punk, prompting Punk to retaliate with a punch that accidentally knocked out one of DiBiase's teeth. 

despite the mishap, Punk remembers the incident fondly and with humor.  

Fans eagerly embraced the story, showcasing the camaraderie and occasional roughness behind the scenes of professional wrestling.  

Punk's anecdote offers a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes dynamics of WWE events, adding a layer of entertainment beyond the scripted matches.

The story resonated with fans, sparking nostalgia for the memorable moments of the past.  

As Punk continues to share tales from his wrestling career, fans eagerly anticipate more entertaining anecdotes from his storied tenure in WWE. 


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