WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross Discusses Relationship With Michael Cole

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WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross Discusses Relationship With Michael Cole: According to Jim Ross, who is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, Michael Cole, who is currently the lead voice on “WWE Raw,” was his previous broadcast colleague. During an episode of his podcast titled “Grilling JR,” Ross addressed the issue that fans frequently believed that the two are involved in a difficult relationship in real life.


However, the legendary voice rejected this notion. Ross stated that he did not believe that to be the case and highlighted Cole’s high level of respect. He claimed that he had always loved him and that he had even filled in for him on occasion when Cole’s wife was experiencing concerns regarding her health.


WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross Discusses Relationship With Michael Cole

It was made clear by Ross that they did not engage in any verbal altercations with one another. Michael was a good guy, and I liked him a lot. Do so even now,” Ross stated. I do not communicate with him. Occasionally, possibly on special occasions like holidays or my birthday.


Whenever there is a special event, I will send him a message; he never fails to react, and he is always courteous. He is a decent human being. In addition, he has had a very successful career there.


I took a lot of satisfaction in that title, that unofficial title, and he has pretty well supplanted JR as the voice of WWE. I consider him to be the new voice of WWE. Michael, on the other hand, is a gentleman, a gentleman. Occasionally a little bit of a nerd.


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But he’s a good guy. We had the opportunity to work together, and I am happy to hear that he is doing well. I should be proud of him. Cole stated in 2023 that he believed he and Ross frequently had a fractious relationship and that he believed Ross may have “felt a bit threatened by him” due in part to Cole’s beginnings as a journalist.


Cole’s opinion was based on the fact that Ross had been a journalist. He referred to Ross as the “greatest wrestling commentator of all time”. This was due to Ross’s ability to depict a range of emotions. They started working together in late 1997, during the first hour of “Raw,” before Cole was replaced by Jerry Lawler in 1998.


Ross and Cole began working together during that hour. In the future, when Ross was unable to perform due to Bell’s palsy, Cole was given a regular job on the show as a play-by-play announcer.

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