7 Proteins to Add to Your Grocery List to Help You Lower Blood Sugar

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A good diet is essential for managing blood sugar, even though body weight, activity, stress, and heredity also affect it.  

Sulforaphane works as an isothiocyanate to lower blood sugar. This plant compound is generated by broccoli enzymes when chopped or eaten.  


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Seafood, like fish and shrimp, is a great way to get protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which may help keep blood sugar levels in check.  


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Pumpkin is colorful, high in fiber and antioxidants, and good for blood sugar. Mexico, Iran, and other countries use pumpkin to treat diabetes.  


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Eating nuts may help control blood sugar, according to research.A low-carb diet with peanuts and almonds lowered fasting and postmeal blood sugar in 25 type 2 diabetics.  


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The fruit okra is often eaten as a vegetable. Polysaccharides and flavonoid antioxidants reduce blood sugar.Okra seeds can reduce blood sugar, making them a natural diabetic treatment .  


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Fiber and good fats in flaxseed may lower blood sugar.In an 8-week study of 57 type 2 diabetics, those who consumed 7 oz (200 g) of 2.5% fat yogurt with 1 oz (30 g) of flaxseed daily had significantly lower HbA1c levels than those who ate plain yogurt .  


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Lentils and beans are high in magnesium, fiber, and protein. These nutrients may reduce blood sugar. Due to their high soluble fiber and resistant starch content, they prolong digestion and may enhance blood sugar response after meals.  


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Healthy eating is vital for blood sugar regulation.Include the aforementioned foods in a healthy diet to lower blood sugar if you have prediabetes, diabetes, or wish to lessen your risk.  


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