How Many Calories in Chicken Breast, Thigh, Wing 

Chicken calories vary by cut and skin-on vs skin-off. Based on a 3.5-ounce (100-gram) portion, these chicken parts have estimated calorie counts:  

A skinless, boneless chicken breast is a lean cut that has a lot of energy and not many calories.  

Chicken Breast (Skinless, Boneless): Approximately 165 calories

Due to their higher fat content, chicken legs have a few more calories than chicken breast. On the other hand, they taste better and are softer.  

Chicken Thigh (Skinless, Boneless): Approximately 209 calories

Because they are often fried or cooked in oil, chicken wings have more calories because of the skin. Taking off the skin can cut the number of calories by a lot.  

Chicken Wing (Skin-on, Bone-in): Approximately 203 calories

This is an approximate food calorie guide. The calories vary on how it was cooked (grilled, baked, or fried), the spices, and any other ingredients. Chicken cuts have fewer calories without the skin, which has fat.  

Use precise measurements and cooking procedures when preparing meals or tracking calories to get a more accurate estimate.   

Choosing lean cuts like skinless, boneless chicken breast can help people minimize calories while getting necessary nutrition.  

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