How To Fertilize Bell Peppers – Get Your Peppers Growing Big – Fast!

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Hot peppers are one of the most rewarding plants to produce and offer several benefits. Before you get your hands filthy, you need know what nutrients your plants require to grow for months. You can easily nourish your plants with a few ideas.  

Pepper plants need nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium.The most crucial ingredient is nitrogen, which regulates photosynthesis and promotes foliage and leafy growth.  

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Phosphate gives plants phosphorus to use solar energy. This second critical ingredient helps the pepper plant absorb solar energy for strong roots and peppers.  

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The last essential ingredient is potassium, which helps water and nutrients circulate and makes photosynthesis possible. The elements keep water and nutrients flowing through a plant.  

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These macronutrients are called the main three in peppers because they are essential to plant health. Remembering the nutrients (N.P.K.) can help you study fertilizers!  

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In addition to the three key elements, pepper plants need other nutrients. Pepper plants need lesser amounts of Calcium, Magnesium, and Sulfur.  

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Calcium boosts plant nutrition absorption and enzymes. Calcium pectinate binds peppers, leaves, and cell walls. If calcium deficiency or rapid pod growth cause cell walls to disintegrate and the pepper plant bottom to decay.  

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Photosynthesis requires chlorophyll, which magnesium produces. ATP and calcium pectinate, which glues cell walls, are also produced. With magnesium, plants can better absorb nitrogen and phosphorus and produce more flowers and peppers.  

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Although sulfur is best recognized for controlling insects and fungal illnesses, it's also needed to make amino acids, vitamins, and enzymes.  

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Supre Myco Tea, a compost tea alternative with bacillus mycorrhizae and Trichoderma, helps plants feed on healthy mycrobes in the soil. Our patented blend of ProBiotic beneficial bacteria, fungi, kelp, and molasses improves soil for plants.   

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Pepper Joe prefers this fertilizer combination for strong, healthy plants. Miracle-Gro is usually available at Walmart or online in the size you require. Use any Miracle-Grow Plant Food or Tomato Plant Food.  

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Our hot pepper growing techniques might help you succeed from seed to harvest. Read Grow with Joe's simple guide to grow a gorgeous, vigorous pepper plant with tasty peppers.  


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