How To Keep Aphids Off Tomato Plants – 4 Simple Secrets To Success!

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Top tomato pests include aphids. Aphids proliferate swiftly despite their small size.In three days, an infestation can triple. What starts as a little colony can kill your tomato plants quickly. Unfortunately, as they multiply, they will discover other plants in your garden.  

Aphids can affect tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, green beans, and many salad crops. They may be microscopic, but their harm can affect plant health and production.  

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Aphids steal nutrient-rich sap from plants. Weakens the plant and causes leaf loss. If severe, it can destroy the plant. Aphids also carry several plant diseases and viruses. If their feeding doesn't destroy your plants, their infections can!  

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Aphids are so small that you may not notice an infestation until the plant deteriorates. Aphids dwell on the underside of leaves, making them hard to spot until you inspect your plants.  

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Aphid damage causes distorted, curled, or fading leaves. You may also discover your tomato plant is stunted. If either, check under your tomato plant's leaf for aphids.  

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An increase in ant activity near or on tomato plants indicates aphids. Aphids generate a sticky material that ants adore after eating plant sap. This “honeydew” can also show as black mold on plant tissue.   

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Check many leaves in different regions on each plant for aphids. Another region of your plant may be full of aphids waiting to leave.   

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If you act, tomato plants recover quickly. As with other plant concerns and pests, early detection is best. Early aphid infestations are easier to eliminate than those that have grown over days.  

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There are simple, efficient techniques to get rid of aphids, and more to prevent them from becoming a problem. Thus, here are 4 easy tomato aphid control methods!  

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Aphids should be sprayed with a hose first! It is astonishing how rapidly this can control a mild to average aphid infestation.  

Aphids are so little that a powerful water spray will dislodge them from plant tissue and drop them. They usually die before climbing the plant again.   

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Finally, deterring aphids from visiting your tomato plants is one of the greatest strategies to prevent them. This is best done with companion planting!  


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