This LAQ workout strengthens quadriceps

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Quadriceps exercises that target all four muscles are optimal. The quadriceps in the front of your leg elevate the thigh and extend and straighten the knee. Strong quads improve hip flexion and knee stability, making walking, running, jumping, squatting, and climbing stairs easier.  

If you want to get your quadriceps working properly, a simple exercise that you may do is the straight leg lift. This is the correct way to accomplish it.  

Straight Leg Raise

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Lift and lower your leg slowly. Keep your knee back against the bolster. Try contracting your quad and straightening your knee completely.  

Short Arc Quads

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Slowly lower and raise yourself. Squatting too low might strain your knees. Squatting too low can also hinder re-ascent.  

Wall Slides

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The simple chair pose in yoga helps strengthen the quads and lower back. Bodybuilders might struggle with the posture for lengthy periods.  

Chair Pose

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Terminal knee extension (TKE) is a basic but effective standing quad exercise. TKEs are functional exercises. While sustaining your weight, your quads operate.  

Terminal Knee Extensions

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Not only does the step-up work out the quads, but it also works out the hamstrings and gluteal muscles (hips and buttocks).  


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Split squats strengthen one leg while stretching the other, boosting quad strength and stability. You can execute this workout on a mat or carpet for comfort.  

Split Squat

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Maintaining movement and balance requires strong quadriceps. Quad strength can be rebuilt with specific training after injury or surgery.Keeping your quads healthy can improve your mobility and reduce sports injury risk.  


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