6 Anti-Inflammatory Soup Recipes to Make This Fall

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6 Anti-Inflammatory Soup Recipes to Make This Fall :-These soup recipes will keep you warm in the fall. Each bowl is packed with anti-inflammatory foods like cruciferous veggies, legumes, dark leafy greens and whole grains to help your body stave off pesky symptoms of chronic inflammation like brain fog, joint pain and muscle aches.


Adding seasonal foods like broccoli, kale, and potatoes to these soups also makes them taste like a fall harvest. For fall and all year, you should make our Green Curry Soup and Slow-Cooker Turkey & Kale Minestrone Soup. They are both healthy and delicious.

6 Anti-Inflammatory Soup Recipes to Make This Fall


1 . Green Curry Soup :

You should save the broccoli florets for another night and add the broccoli stems to this green curry soup instead. The green curry paste in this soup makes the broth a little spicy.

The veggies are cooked just long enough to be soft without losing their fresh taste or unique textures.

2 . Rainbow Minestrone :

This bright, veggie-packed take on basic minestrone is made with squash, kale, and bell peppers, which add color and nutrients. Put some chopped Parmesan cheese or pesto on top to make it taste even better.


3 . Chicken & Kale Soup :

On a cold, rainy day or any other day when you want a simple, filling soup, this chicken and kale soup will keep you warm. If you want to save time, you can use frozen kale in this soup instead of letting it thaw first.

4 . Spinach Soup with Rosemary & Garlic :

In this healthy spinach soup recipe, rosemary only adds a hint of its strong taste. You can use any fresh greens you have on hand instead of spinach if you’d like.


5 . Slow-Cooker Turkey & Kale Minestrone Soup :

You can change how spicy the dish is by picking hot or mild Italian meat. If you want it really hot, you can also add red pepper. If you want, you can serve this slow cooker minestrone with toasted bread.


6 . Sarangi Guk (Radish-Top Soup) :

Sometimes dried radish greens are used to make this rustic soup, but in this recipe from chef Dennis Lee of California’s Namo Stonepit restaurants, fresh ones are used.


Young radishes, which are mostly the greens, are sold in some Korean and Asian markets. These are great for making this dish. You can use lacinato kale instead. Add cooked rice and kimchi to finish the meal. Find out more about the recipe.


7. Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato & Spinach Soup :

This vegetarian-friendly soup is hard to stop eating. Tomatoes add umami, beans add creaminess (and fiber!), and lemon adds bright flavor and a filling mouthfeel. It could be on your table in half an hour.


Plus, spinach adds a lot of health benefits, and we used low-sodium veggie broth and cannellini beans that aren’t salted to cut down on the salt.

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