Healthy Meatloaf With Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

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Healthy Meatloaf With Spaghetti Sauce Recipe:-

Despite the fact that meatloaf may be connected with a negative connotation in some areas, our recipes for meatloaf are without a doubt the most unique ones available.

Changing people’s ideas of meatloaf is something that is without a doubt going to happen as a result of our adaptation of this easy yet time-honored dish.


While you and your family will find that homemade meatloaf rapidly becomes a new favourite dish that you and your family will continue to enjoy, as long as you have our scrumptious meatloaf recipes on hand, you will find that you and your family will continue to enjoy it.



Healthy Meatloaf With Spaghetti Sauce Recipe



  • b lean ground beef
  • 1/2 cup whole wheat breadcrumbs
  • 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped onion
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped carrot
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped mushrooms
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/4 cup ketchup
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce
  • 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tsp dried basil
  • 1/2 tsp dried oregano
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper



In the event that the temperature of the oven reaches 175 degrees Celsius (350 degrees Fahrenheit), it is of the utmost importance that the temperature be maintained. This is due to the fact that the temperature has the ability to cause harm caused by heat.


In order to guarantee that all of the components are fully mixed together, it is suggested that the ground beef, breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese, onion, red bell pepper, carrot, mushrooms, garlic, ketchup, applesauce, Worcestershire sauce, basil, oregano, salt, and black pepper be mixed together in a large bowl.


The components will be able to be thoroughly merged as a result of this opportunity. This will ensure that all of the components are completely absorbed into the other components of the combination.

In order to ensure that this phase is completed successfully, it is strongly recommended that it be completed after all of the individual components that came before it have been efficiently combined.

At the subsequent step of the operation, it is going to be vital to combine the mixture with the other components of the recipe. Bringing about a complete blending of the components is the ultimate goal of the process of blending


, which is also one of the key objectives of the procedure.


After the mixture has been transferred to a loaf pan, it is strongly recommended that it be pressed down for a large amount of time. This should be done as soon as possible thereafter.

The mixture should be set aside as soon as the pressing process is finished. This should be done as soon as possible.


In order to produce the best results possible, it is recommended that the baking process be carried out in an oven that has been preheated for one hour, or until the temperature on the interior reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit (71 degrees Celsius), whichever comes first.


This will ensure that the best possible results are achieved.


Before serving it in slices, you should wait ten minutes after taking


it from the oven and before cutting it into pieces. The following is the recommendation that is put forward for consideration. I would appreciate it if you would take into consideration the following recommendation, which has been proposed for consideration.

This should be done in the immediate neighbourhood of the removal that has really taken place once it has been finished. It is extremely advised that this be done

. Incorporating spaghetti sauce into the dish that you are going to serve to your guests is something that comes highly recommended by a number of people.

Addition of this component is one of the things that you ought to do.




  • Calories : 285kcal
  • Total Fat : 10g
  • Saturated Fat : 4g
  • Cholesterol : 87mg
  • Sodium : 736mg
  • Total Carbohydrates : 19g
  • Dietary Fiber : 2g
  • Sugars : 6g
  • Protein : 27g


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